Sunday, March 12, 2017

Big Brother is Watching - 1984

As we move through 2017, it is clear that there is an assault taking place on open-minded thought and free speech. Everywhere you turn, there is censorship to the highest degree. On top of that, the social networks, computer companies, and governments are admitting that the track your every move, manipulate your viewing exposure and read your emails. 

Over the past few years, many actions have helped pull back the shroud on the Ministry of Truth that is in full effect. Between the release of the Snowden files and the amazing work of WikiLeaks exposing the real face of the media, there is hope. As people around the globe begin to wake-up and see the Police State that is developing. Hopefully, changes can be made to stop the totalitarian regimes and prevent a complete transition into a full dystopian nightmare. 

We are truly in the Big Brother era. With that in mind, I am heading out today to see a stage adaptation of the classic 1984 at the Prime Stage Theater.  A full review of this compelling story will come tonight. 

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