Bigfoot Creek (2011)

I know, it's been a while since I reviewed anything.  That didn't mean,  I haven't been watching anything. In fact,  I've logged quite a few hours watching some stuff over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately,  I just haven't felt like sitting down and taking the time to jot down my thoughts.  That changed this afternoon as I wait for a Cthulhu idol to finish printing.  So,  I settled on the 2011 mockumentary Bigfoot Creek.

Plot: Since the 1970s he has roamed the countryside, watching...and waiting. This all-new docudrama chronicles these true events that occurred throughout the Midwest.

Also known as the Legacy of Boggy Creek, this movie attempted to follow the baseline established by original cryptid classic,  the Legend of Boggy Creek. Unfortunately,  this one did not quote resonate the same way and definitely did not spark the same amount of interest in the subject.  While I do applaud the independent origins and low budget nature of the film,  it was just a tough watch from start to finish.  The effects and costuming were bad, the pacing uneven,  and the overall feel lacked the rustic good natured realism of the source. As a researched myself,  it just took way too much effort to watch this one,  especially on a subject the I love.  In the end,  I understand what was trying to be accomplished with this film and appreciate it, it is just that the execution didn't allow me to enjoy a film that I could have really got behind.  Please,  do yourself a favor and just watch the Legend of Boggy Creek. It is a better flick. 


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