Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silent NIght, Bloody Night (1974)

At last, I finished the Cult Horror Collection by watching the last installment, Silent Night, Bloody Night from 1974.

Plot / Folks trying to sell an isolated New England mansion, with a dark history, are being stalked and killed by an escaped maniac. However, who is this deranged murderer and why do the local townspeople act so strange?

This may be one of the most underrated films in the genre. Yes, it is far from perfect. The cinematography is below average to say the least, the narrated portions were not needed, some of it is a bit slow and the plot was not developed to its fullest potential. However, the atmosphere is awesome, the odd plot is very deep and complex, the flashback sequences are wonderful and the character development is something that many films of the age lacked. In all, a very unnerving flick that definitely helped shape a genre and a joy to watch.

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  1. Nice dude, I watched this last Christmas and really dug it for many of the reasons you brought up. It is messy, but it has a genuinely creepy quality to it, and that entire flashback scene at the end, with the Silent Night music playing ominously, is pretty damn great. It's crazy that this film came out the same year as Black Christmas, but was made a whole two years earlier, making it one of the true first slasher films.