The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

After a long weekend traveling to Pennsylvania for my oldest daughters birthday (Happy Birthday Genesis), it was nice to get back to the couch and curl up watching something more of my speed (although watching the Steelers beat the Ratbirds was awesome). My choice for the evening was the 1984 Sci-Fi (reality?) entry The Philadelphia Experiment.

Plot/ During World War II, the government was trying to develop a way to render their naval vessels undetectable to radar. When the scientists in charge of it think they have done it, they try it out on one of the ships in the Philadelphia harbor. When they turn it on, the ship disappears. Two of the ship's sailors find themselves in 1984. While they try to find out what's going on. The scientist who developed the technology in 1943, is now involved with a project that somehow brought the two sailors to 1984. And it seems that a black hole has emerged and he thinks the sailors can help. So he tries to get them.

To me, the story and legend of the Philadelphia Experiment has always interested me, as it is one of the most fascinating stories I have heard. If true, this experimentation was truly that of genius. That being said, I had always wanted to see the movie, as I missed it when it hit theatres back in the 1980s. Now that I have finally watched it, I have to admit I was impressed. The plot (although I am not a love story fan), the acting and the effects are all pretty good and stand up rather well. Sure, the script is choppy and some of the action seems a bit out of whack, but it definitely makes for good science fiction. This is a great flick for Sci-Fi fans, and definitely one that is worth watching.


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