Saturday, March 3, 2012

American Scream King (2010)

While walking trough Family Video the other night, I stumbled upon a couple titles that I have seen mentioned on twitter (@scarletcircus if you want to follow), so I had to pick one up and check it out. The first title I watched was American Scream King from Brain Damage Films.

Plot/ When two guys get a hold of a camera from a debt, they decide to make a horror movie since most of them are cheesy and cheap anyways. They know nothing about special effects or make-up so why not just kill people for real while filming their movie?

One of the things that I have discovered lately, in another company on par with Troma for low-budget independent cinema, that company is Brain Damage Films. With their films (at least the ones I have watched) have had all the elements that make no-budget indie films fun. Sure, this one is far from perfect, with uneven acting, some grainy film quality, and an outrageous storyline. However, it has all of the great elements that make this type of movie so much fun with blood (albeit not the highest quality of gore I have seen), boobs and a great blend of horror and comedy to make someone laugh inside. In the end, the combination of fun dialogue and even funnier plot makes this one entertaining on so many levels (did I mention hot chicks and boobs?). Yes, it is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of no-budget indie flicks, this one is for you.

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