Thursday, March 8, 2012

Psycho Sleepover (2008)

After suffering through Lizard Boy, I figured the best way for me to get back into the swing of fun no-budget entertainment was to venture into Tromaville. Personally, I love Tromaville and would take up residence there in a heartbeat, if I could. However, until then, I will have to enjoy the low budget independent schlock from afar. Tonight’s flick is the 2008 horror / comedy Psycho Sleepover.

Plot/ After accidentally murdering her boyfriend, Debbie Dicky moves to a new town and meets three girls who invite her to a sleepover. The very same night there is a breakout at the local insane asylum where forty serial killers escape and head over to crash the party. However, the girls at the slumber party might not be as helpless as the killers think.

As I have said many times, I love no-budget indie flicks and I absolutely love Troma Entertainment. Why do I love them? Because Troma Entertainment has stayed true to their vision of independent cinema for decades, regardless of reviews or any outside opinion. Yes, Troma is not for everyone, and this is movie is a perfect example of why. It is unbelievable, ridiculous, slapstick and over-the-top (some people may get in today’s too sensitive America may think vulgar, but really?). Actually, this has some great moments, solid pacing, and decent cinematography, even the cheap gore and effects fit perfectly. Yes, the scripting is off and acting uneven, but that is easily overlooked. In the end, this is a very entertaining venture into Tromaville. It has all of the blood, boobs and the comic moments that make Troma legendary. If you love schlock low budget films check it out, if you do not, stay away, you will not get it!

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