Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scourge (2008)

After taking a few days off from watching my normal Horror or Sci-Fi entertainment, I was definitely feeling some withdrawals. I had to find something mindless with blood to quench my needs. What did I find? I found the 2008 entry Scourge to keep my company.

Plot/ An ancient pestilence called The Scourge has been set free in a small town after being entombed in a church's masonry for a century and a half. As bodies rapidly pile up, nothing stands between the spawning Scourge and the rest of the town except our young heroes.

Scourge, hmmm, where to start. This movie was kind of a mixed bag, featuring a solid and creative concept, some decent cinematography, and blood. Honestly, everything that should make for an enjoyable flick, but it never truly delivers on its promise. The acting is uneven, the pacing is off, and the creative concepts in the idea fail by biting off too much in the scripting and losing its identity. In the end, it is not terrible, but not good either, it sort of sits in the middle of the road. If you are like me and were looking for something to pass some time, put it on for background fodder, but if you are looking for something you will definitely enjoy, go a different direction.

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