Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Trip to See the Oddities of the Fayette County Fair

Yesterday, we gathered all four daughters together for a trip to the Fayette County Fair. One thing that is always interesting at these events is the variety of exhibits. Of course, they are very different from when I was a kid, with some of the modern sideshows and such. This is a travesty, as honestly, there is nothing better than the world of curiosity and oddities.

Fortunately, society may be changing some with the popularity of shows like Oddities and now Oddities: San Francisco. If you have read my blog, you most likely know that I am all for these shops and have started building a curiosity cabinet.

This same trend seemed to continue at our fair, as there was again a couple of side show related oddity exhibits, complete with multiple legged cows, two headed squirrels and four horned goats. I was truly in my element.

It was also nice to see Brenda and the girls be successful with the items they entered in to some of the categories. Bren and all four of my daughters are extremely talented, and sometimes amaze me with their creativity.    

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