Monday, September 9, 2013

Friday the 13th (2009)

What a miserable evening I had as my laptop crashed and scrambled to get the desktop unit back into working order. Fortunately, I still have one to fall back on until I can get a new laptop. Luckily, while that was taking place, I was able to flip between the Pirates game and the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. 

Plot/ A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions. 

As I have said many times, the Hollywood trend of remaking / rebooting classic horror flicks drives me insane. Where is the creativity? With this flick, I am torn. Yes, it is nowhere near the original classic Friday the 13th, but it is also much better than some of the crap that littered the end of the franchises original run (Jason Takes Manhattan). With every reboot, some of the changes are a bit too much, and that is the case with this one. Jason is excessively athletic in this one, and may diverge from his character a bit too much. The acting is typical, the grainy cinematography takes away for the gore and there is something lacking from the original classics in the series. In the end, it is not terrible, but it is not anywhere near the 1980 classic. Sure, you can select worse flicks from the franchise, but this one would be hard-pressed to rise past the middle of the pack.

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