Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Demented (2013)

Zombies are always great fun, especially when you get into the debate on whether they should be the slow, Romero mythos version or the 28 Days later, rage infused creatures. For me, I definitely fall on the Romero side, but really zombies are just awesome! Last night, I decided to kick back with some low budget rage infused zombies in the 2013 entry, The Demented.  

Plot/ Six college friends unite for a weekend getaway where they find themselves fighting for their lives after a terrorist attack turns the local residents into rage infused zombies.

After watching The Lords of Salem Friday night, my Saturday watching was destined to suffer and it did. The demented is not a terrible flick by any means, in fact, it had a lot going for it with a decent cast, some solid acting and an interesting premise. Unfortunately, it also did not offer anything new to the rage zombie genre. Yes, it did have some tense moments and some decent chases, but it was on such a small scale that it could not drive the film. To top it off, the low budget flick featured almost zero gore and most of the make-up effects did nothing to create an atmospheric zombie. The real killer was the ending can you say head scratcher? All in all, this was not a terrible low budget zombie flick, but it was not great either. For me, it was a bit too tame and could have went so much further. 

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