Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lizzie (2013)

Now I am all for low budget cinema, and I believe that quality films can be made on any budget. Of course, some disappointing films also come from that same cloth, so it is a challenge to continually watch them. In many ways, tonight’s selection, Lizzie (2013) fit into that realm.

Plot/ Lizzie Allen suffers from an extreme case of childhood amnesia which not only lays dark her childhood memories but also her relationships. As she begins to settle to a new house, she starts to get a glimpse of her childhood memories along with clues as to what really happened in the Borden household in 1892.

So, my streak of decent horror flicks came to an abrupt end tonight. This low budget entry had a decent idea, but in no way lived up to that on the screen. The acting was stale, the cinematography so-so and the overall storyline was disconnected and never developed any type of atmosphere. Honestly, there is nothing here to wrap your head around; it was quite disappointing. In the end, this flick really bored me and left me frustrated. Yes, the premise was decent, but there was nothing there to pull it together. Stay away! 

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