Saturday, November 16, 2013

Snow White - A Tale of Terror (1997)

The daughters have been caught in a marathon of Once Upon a Time on Netflix. While I do find the show interesting, there is definitely something missing.  Maybe it is because the stories are being driven by Disney and their happiness parade, something that reminds me too much of their influence society, where there are never losers and everyone receives a trophy. Life is not a fairy tale, there are winners and losers! To maintain some of this fairy tale feel in the house last night, I decided upon the 1997 fairy tale Snow White a Tale of Terror.

Plot/ This Gothic version of the Grimm brothers' story takes place in a world of brutality and mayhem, where nature is savage, no one can be trusted and black magic is a power to be feared. 

Too many people in this world forget the true nature of the classic Grimm Fairy Tales; instead the automatically associate some of their classic stories with the Disney adaptation. During that process, they lose the reality set by these writings. This adaptation of the classic tale of Snow White is dark and atmospheric, with solid make-up effects (incredible actually), outstanding performances, interesting social context and many elements lost by the Disney Company. Of course, it does lack some character development and there are some inaccuracies toward the time period, but the does not bring it down in any way. In the end, this is one of the better adaptions of a Grimm Fairy Tale, and a movie that is quite entertaining. Check it out, it makes for an entertaining escape from reality. 

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