Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Angry Red Planet (1959)

While tonight, I am sitting through The Hunger Games, as I have tickets to take the daughters to the opening of Catching Fire tomorrow, yesterday was a different animal. I am still not sure how I feel about this Agenda 21 propaganda I am watching now, but that does not matter. Last night, I continued my recent trip into classic era Sci-Fi, and I decided on the 1959 gem The Angry Red Planet.

Plot/ The first spaceship to Mars, presumed lost, is found in space and brought back to Earth by remote control. Once safely on Earth, the scientists learn of the terrible dangers awaiting anyone venturing into the diverse Martian ecosystem.

This is another one of those great campy Sci-Fi gems of the 1950s and 1660s. Made with a low budget (with effects to back that up), this flick is a fun and entertaining look at the Martian landscape. While it is a decent entry from that time, there are some of the typical B-Movie flaws one should expect for that era. The acting is so-so, the characters are flat, and the effects are definitely special… Yet, this is one of the more entertaining films I have watched from that time. In the end, if you enjoy classic Sci-Fi cheese-fests, you should definitely check this one out. 

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