Friday, August 15, 2014

Art of Darkness (2012)

With the end of another week at hand, it was time to jump back into review mode. While Bren and Jillian finally broke down and watch Stage Fright last night, I decided to visit something different. My choice, the 2012 British import Art of Darkness.

Plot/ A young woman is held captive by an unhinged lunatic intent on transforming her into his latest blood-splattered masterpiece.

Art of Darkness (AKA Art House Massacre) is a low budget entry that definitely suffers from many of the ailments that plague similar movies from the genre. An interesting premise, the execution does not match the potential that is in place. The dialog is all over, the acting uneven, and the characterizations lack depth. Sure, there is a touch of gore and the pacing picks up as it moves along. In the end, this one is just another forgettable film in the horror genre. There are a few moments that are entertaining, but not enough to search it out.

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