Monday, January 5, 2015

Mind Ripper (1995)

After diving into the Matrix, and spending, a good bit of time in Sci-Fi land, I decided to try to find something more horror related inside the genre last night. After some searching, I did just that with the 1995 low budget entry Mind Ripper (AKA The Outpost).

Plot/ A top secret experiment intended to produce a superhuman has gone terribly wrong. Now the creators, trapped in a remote desert outpost, are being pursued ruthlessly by their creation. With the door sealed from within, there is no way out.

This is one that I did not catch when it originally came out, and I am surprised I missed it, as it was a decent schlockfest. From executive producer Wes Craven, this one had a lot more action than I expected, the storyline (albeit clichéd) was interesting, and there was a darker atmosphere woven into the pacing.  Yes, the lower budget is apparent, the performances are uneven, and there is really nothing new crafted inside the cliché moments, but it is still a fun way to spend a few minutes passing time with a low budget creature feature (especially if it is free). In the end, if you love low budget cheese, this one has some entertaining moments, and is probably better than it should be. Sure, there is a dated feel, but one can do a lot worse.

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