Monday, January 12, 2015

Blue Sunshine (1978)

Last night I was searching for something older to watch. Over the past few days (really weeks), I have been caught up in an extreme retro mood. After some searching, I stumbled upon something interesting; the 1978 cult classic Blue Sunshine.

Plot/ A bizarre series of murders begins in Los Angeles, where people start going bald and then become homicidal maniacs. But could the blame rest on a particularly dangerous form of LSD called Blue Sunshine the murderers took ten years before?

Every once in a while you stumble upon something that shocks you with its depth and quality, even from a humble low budget beginning. That is exactly what you have here with this 1970s drug induced shocker. More of a thriller/psychological horror than straight up 70s exploitation, this one featured some solid performances, a building tension, and an amazingly layered and original storyline. In fact, the only downfall is there are a few predictable moments mixed in and the ending leaves a bit to be desired. In the end, this 1970s cult classic has aged rather well and is an entertaining trip into that era. If you have not seen it, give it a shot it is a fun shocker.

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