Thursday, January 29, 2015

Feed the Gods (2014)

As another night ticks by, I am at least excited by the fact that I was finally able to submit my Jersey Devil short story for review for possible publication. As a writer, there is nothing worse than the wait for results. With that in my head, I decided on a crypto themed movie: 2014s Feed the Gods.

Plot/ Two brothers return to a small mountain town in search of their long lost parents only to discover that the place has a monstrous taste for tourists.

Yes, I am a sucker for any type of Cryptozoological horror flick that comes along, especially if it is not a SyFy Channel original. While this one was not one of those, it was also hard to classify as a Bigfoot movie, as squatch makes but a brief appearance. More of a straight low horror budget entry, there is not anything new in it, as it features the typical head-scratching actions in the script, uneven performances, and seriously amateur special effects. In fact, other than the last quarter of the film, there was nothing in it that kept my interest peaked. In the end, it was not a terrible low budget entry, but it is definitely not one that I would break down a door to find.

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