Monday, February 2, 2015

Antidote (2013)

I was in the mood for some zombie themed material this weekend after making a trip to Monroeville. Every time I venture near the mall that made the original Dawn of the Dead so amazing, I have to venture into the world of the undead. With that in mind, my next review takes place in the post apocalypse, 2013s Antidote.

Plot/ In a post-apocalyptic plague-ridden world, a man and woman face unimaginable horrors when he suddenly becomes infected, and the only possible cure slowly drives him mad.

Also known as Viscera, this one is a bit uneven to review. More of a horror drama centered in and around the infection during the zombie apocalypse than flat horror experience, there were some intriguing elements that make it better than its common competitors. Yet, with a short run time (76 minutes) the mixture of amazing cinematography that creates a tension filled atmosphere is lost in the flat storyline focused on the mindset of one character. Sure, the acting is decent and there are some very artistic moments, but those were nowhere near enough to save the film from the uninteresting characters and uneven pacing.  In the end, this no-budget entry had a ton of potential to create something special within the packed genre, but appeared to be caught in limbo about where it fits in. Yes, there are some entertaining moments, but not enough to make it memorable in any way.

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