Saturday, February 28, 2015

Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse (2014)

Last night, I spent relaxing (and finishing some physics homework) and had no motivation to hit the blog. By now, everyone has probably heard about the passing of Sci-Fi icon Leonard Nimoy. For me, he not only etched his way into my mind as Spock, it was his work on In Search Of that sparked my interest into the unexplained. He will definitely be missed. #LLAP  - Now to the blog, next up is the 2014 made for television disaster flick Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse.

Plot/ When a mysterious planet crosses the sun global catastrophes are unleashed. A rogue scientist is the key to deciphering the symbols and humanity's only chance at survival.

Yes, I knew exactly what I was in for when I started watching this one: a predictable, CGI filled, made for television disaster flick, and that is exactly what I got. I did find the subject matter interesting; the theory of Nibiru or Planet X causing major disasters has been growing for decades. Ironically, it is popping up more and more into pop culture, even making its way into the last Star Trek movie. Unfortunately, the characters were flat, the CGI sloppy, and the scripting and performances were uneven at best. In the end, while this one offers nothing really new and is rather unbelievable (a car outrunning a tsunami), it is a mindless trip toward the apocalypse and perfect for background fodder when working on something.

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