Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Everyone loves a good ghost story. Plus, when that story is based on some type of urban legend, the goosebumps grow larger. If you are a follower of my blog (or my writing), you would already know how much I love both topics and how much I love to dive into that type of material.

I remember my time as Editorial Director of Haunted Times Magazine, and how much I would smile when an article about an urban legend came across my desk. Today, I had that same experience when I received an email about an upcoming short film project entitled Ominous.

From the press release:

We may view urban legends today as trite and sentimental. These “friend of a friend” macabre stories polished or pockmarked over the years with updated, timely details or absurd twists have cemented their place in our cannon of American folklore.

Kidney heists, Bloody Mary, alligators in the sewer: all resonate tales because in their lack of specificity, they become eerily plausible, and we recognize a familiar predicament—a predicament that we would all dread.

Ominous is based on the classic, “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs” tale. However, this story is not based on spurious, slightly removed accounts. In true form to what makes this genre particularly terrifying and has instilled its longevity—it really happened. On March 18, 1950, Janet Christman was brutally murdered while she babysat. Ominous, set in 1965, is loosely based on this tragic event.

In watching the trailer, this short film appears to have the atmosphere and tension to create an outstanding film, and it is an indie project that appears to have a lot more originality than many of the films that come out today. For me, this is a perfect opportunity to support indie horror and hopefully start a movement of more modern and original horror.

If interested, you should check out their website or indiegogo page!

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