Thursday, July 21, 2016

Manson's Lost Girls (2016)

Now that school is winding down and I can get back into the blog and catch up on some of the movies, I have watched over the past few weeks (month). The next movie on tap for review is the 2016 made for television entry Manson’s Lost Girls.

Plot/ Linda Kasabian falls prey to the hypnotic charms of Charles Manson and his self-proclaimed "family" during the drug-fueled summer of 1969.

When I saw this one at Family Video, I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I had never heard of this film and the premise had me intrigued. Once it started, I soon discovered that it was made for television and quite tame in comparison to some of the other similar entries on Manson. While the feel and performances are solid and the soundtrack is outstanding, the overall feel lacks the darkness and tension you would expect in this story. This does not bring the movie down, but it does prevent it from reaching its optimum potential. In the end, this is an interesting journey into the world of Charles Manson and his family. In fact, it could serve as a tremendous primer for anyone interested in learning more about Manson and his followers.

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