Sunday, April 25, 2010

Horror of the Zombies (1974)

I hate rainy, dreary days because it keeps my daughters stuck inside the house. To pass some time (when I had a small window, I ventured into the cheesy Drive-In Classics Box Set for something a bit different. I chose Horror of the Zombies (El buque maldito), being in an undead mood. This 1974 version of devil worshipping undead Knights Templar seemed like just the ticket.

Plot/ Two models are stranded in a motor cruiser in the middle of the ocean. It's only meant to be a publicity stunt, a way of stirring up interest in the boat itself; but they soon prove to be in real trouble. They're set upon by a 16th century galleon enshrouded by a fog. They each board the ghost ship, and each one disappears. Soon, the sporting goods magnate who hired the two girls sets out to find them. He is joined by his conniving right-hand man; the head of the modeling agency; a third model who is a lover to one of the missing girls; and a scientist from the weather bureau who is convinced something supernatural is going on. They all end up on the galleon, where they discover its crew are the undead Satan-worshiping Knights Templar.

Horror of the Zombies is a interesting film because it definitely has its extremes. However, I honestly believe that it will put most people to sleep. I found it interesting because of the tremendous atmosphere that was created in the scenes shot on the galleon, much of it had a unique quality that is often overlooked in movies. On top of that, the Knights Templars really look the part of evil undead. Unfortunately, that is where the positives stop. The rest of the film lacks quality, and is rather slow and gore free with some of the worst special effects I have ever seen (the miniature ghost galleon in the bath tub is terrible). These effects are so bad that they almost totally ruin the film, couple that with terrible acting and audio and you have a true snoozer (I guess that is why it was on the Drive-In Classics Box Set). In the end, there are good and bad elements scattered throughout, but it is definitely not worth anything more that a rainy afternoon fill-in if there is nothing else on. To save you the trouble of searching for it, you can watch it here if you are interested.

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  1. A rainy day and an atmospheric movie--sounds good to me. I don't have huge expectations of movies anymore, but I do enjoy seeing something older and something with lots of mood. Looks kind of satisfying in that respect.