Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip With The Teacher (1975)

After watching the end of the NFL Draft (yes, I am a football fanatic), it was time to enjoy the quiet I had with my family out on a Girl Scouts field trip. What a better way to do that than to exjoy some 1970s exploitation flicks. Luckily, I didn't have to dig too deep as the Gorehouse Greats Collection sports just the thing, with the 1975 grindhouse-style entry Trip With The Teacher.

Plot/ A pretty young teacher and four of her pretty students take a minibus to some Navajo ruins, little suspecting another kind of ruin awaits. A trio of bikers begin to flirt with the gals, and when their bus breaks down, they helpfully tow the vehicle to a deserted shack. The chief biker, Al, chews up the scenery, kills folks, and rips off the teacher's clothes before raping her.

Let me start by saying, like many films of this genre Trip With The Teacher isn't for everyone. This minor exploitation entry has its moments and at times creates a forboding feeling that is never truly realized on the screen. Yes, there are a few instances of rape, torture and murder, but overall it lacks the shocking nature and nudity of many of the exploitation classics of the era. The acting is pretty solid with Zalman King (Before creating the soft-core erotic TV-show Red Shoe Diaries) truly creating an interesting character with Alan and the script is decent considering the skimpy plot. In the end, while lacking in style, it offers enough grittiness, trashiness and sleaze for any grindhouse flick. For me, it was worth watching this afternoon (especially for free), and I imagine any grindhouse or exploitation fan would feel the same.

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  1. Awesome stuff, man. I've always found that while the plots were slight, that very lack was a major ingredient in creating the atmosphere that was the bread and butter of this genre. Ya can't have one without the other.