Donner Pass (2012)

With a week consisting of Nude Nuns With Big Guns and Human Centipede 2, I had to come up with something different to watch last night. Tonight and tomorrow are already in the works with multiple entries from the Friday the 13th franchise as I prepare for the first day of trout season Saturday. My selection last night, Donner Pass from 2012, honestly, not what I expected at all. Oh, on a different note, a huge Happy Birthday shout out to Reverend Peyton (@BigDamnBand on Twitter)… That dude can make any instrument, cigar box or shoe box sound amazing! You Rock Rev!

Plot/ Donner Pass has a well-known and macabre history - the place where George Donner and his party got stuck in the winter of 1846 and were forced to resort to cannibalism to keep from starving. But what if it wasn't just history?

OK, this is nowhere near a great movie. In fact, it falls into that category of horror that is just there, nothing special, but nothing terrible. It was just not memorable in any way. The Acting was so-so, the script OK and cinematography all over the place. Sure, I can get past the historic inaccuracies in the beginning with a glimpse of the few gore shots, but really, I needed a lot more. In the end, there are a couple of decent moments, but it is not enough to keep it from becoming the typical slasher / thriller with a slight twist. If you need something to watch on Netflix, check it out, just do not spend money on it.


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