The Violent Kind (2010)

Last night while pushing through the final defensive linemen profiles for, I decided to amp up the background scenery with something hopefully more intense and violent than The Bone Snatcher. My selection was from 2010, The Violent Kind.

Plot/ One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely possessed and a gang of "Rockabillies" seemingly from the 1950's descends upon them to collect what is growing inside her.

When this started, I wanted to turn it off; it seemed like the typical indie horror flick. However, once you get through the opening sequences, this turns into one interesting, fun and decently gory flick. Honestly, for an indie horror flick this one delivers. It has solid acting, good effects, atmosphere and an in-depth storyline with some astounding twists. Yes, we could have done without the first 20-or-so minutes, but other than that, it is a sound flick and one that I was glad I watched. If you love non-mainstream flicks, check this one out!


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