Saturday, April 7, 2012

Inkubus (2011)

After laughing at the hilarious parts of that little known comedy, Clown Hunt, I went to the video store in search of something different. With so many choices, it was hard to decide on something (so, I grabbed four flicks). My first flick for the evening was Inkubus from 2011.

Plot/ Inkubus tells the story of a skeleton crew working the final shift at a soon to be demolished police station. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus, calmly walks into the station holding the severed head of a murdered girl. Inkubus toys with the crew, allowing himself to be restrained, and begins to proudly confess to his litany of crimes, some dating back to the Middle Ages. Why? Inkubus has a score to settle with the one detective that almost put him away some thirteen years ago. To their dismay, the cops quickly become pawns in Inkubus' brutal crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem. They ultimately realize it is his world they only die in it.

To be honest, I am not the biggest Robert Englund fan, of course, that is because I was a slasher kid and Jason Voorhees fan, and never got into the Nightmare on Elm Street craze. However, I will say, that the more I see his work, the more I like it. Yes, this is not a perfect forum for his work, but he truly carries it to a different level. In this film, everything is hit or miss. The acting around him is uneven throughout, but his performance is good. The story is interesting, but rather undeveloped; the regular gore and effects are great, but the CGI is terrible, and the pacing seems a bit off (not to mention the plot holes throughout). In all, it definitely falls short of its potential and could have been A LOT better than it is. If you are a fan of Englund, check it out, if you are not, you should go a different direction.

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