Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ghost Game (2004)

After the SyFy cheesefest Bigfoot, I decided to change genres. Although, I may have a chance to get some time in the woods this weekend, and should stay in the cryptozoological mood, I needed something from a different perspective. Unfortunately, nothing jumped out for me and I had to randomly select something. My selection for the evening is the low budget entry from 2004, Ghost Game.
Plot/ Seven Friends go out to cabin for a weekend of relaxing and find a game that should not be opened!

This low budget effort caught my eye with what sounded like an interesting (albeit cliché) story. What I found was interesting for such a low-end effort, but had so many flaws that it could not overcome. The pacing seemed off from the outset as it jumped from cliché feel to cliché feel.  The cinematography is OK, but the acting, atmosphere, characterization or horror elements are mostly non-existent. Of course, some of those flaws can be attributed to the low budget, but others, not so much. In the end, it did have untapped potential that never materialized. It is at least watchable if you do not have any other choices.

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