Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jillian's First Track Cast - Fayette County Bigfoot Expedition


I know that this was supposed to be Documentary Week, but I decided to change things up tonight to mark a special occasion of sorts. If you have read my blog over the past couple of weeks, you already know about the Fayette County Bigfoot Expedition I took part in, and the interesting discoveries we made. If not, here is a quick recap.
Over two days in September, members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society organized a trip into the mountainous region of Fayette County. During the expedition, some interesting events took place and some pieces of potential evidence was discovered. On the first day, team members encountered something that displayed what appeared to be a innate intelligence as it moved, on top of some wood knocks in response to known knocks and even rock throwing that hit some team members. On day two, the activity was a lot less, but the team did discover a potential Bigfoot track in an area of the Forbes State Forest.
After the expedition one of my daughters was extremely excited about the pictures of the print and wanted to attempt to cast it. As a budding young and hopefully future member of the Cryptological research community, this was something she has talked about for some time. After some thought and planning, I took the daughter to the location, material in hand, and set the cast. After covering it, and letting it sit for a couple days, tonight we ventured back into the woods to retrieve the track. Honestly, nothing will take the place of seeing the smile on her face when we removed it from the ground. Awesome! In the future, I hope to get her in the field a little more, although she is young, her attention to detail and understanding of surroundings is far above her years.

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