Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is Nikola Tesla the Father of Frankenstorm?

To all my friends up and down the East Coast, I wish you all good luck over the next few days it could be rough. Over the past few days, I have been tracking the combination of HAARP signals and the track of Hurricane Sandy and have discovered some interesting parallels. In fact, that while I do not want to insult anyone, these parallels definitely point to some type of weather manipulation at work. Even the name given to it has manufactured connotations.
HAARP Readings - Sunday Afternoon
Hurricane Sandy Track - Sunday Afternoon
Think about it, Frankenstorm as this has been dubbed, takes its origins to the Mary Shelley classic Frankenstein and the classic creature Frankenstein’s Monster. Sure, some will say that this name was spawned by the Halloween season that is at hand, but could it be a hint from those in the know about the truth behind this storm. Honestly, in this day in age, anything is possible, and what was Frankenstein's Monster? A manufactured creature from the mind of a genius.  

Of course, the first thing to do would be to figure out why. Look around, that truth is everywhere. There are unanswered and even unrealized questions about Benghazi that are floating around, the economy is failing, and I have not hit the election yet. I remember hearing once that the economy is at its best during wartime, second on that list, disasters. Now for some, this may seem extremely speculative, especially in the face of a huge natural disaster, but like everything else, there are questions that must be brought up, and answers that must be found.
The second question would be could this scale of weather manipulation be possible?  Again that answer is a resounding, yes! On here, we have mentioned chemtrails and HAARP as two potential methods, but there are more. In fact, some of this technology may go all the way back to Nikola Tesla and his works of genius. Of course, no one truly knows the depths of his works; the government confiscated all of his notes as matters of national security after his death. Ironic, isn’t it?
One look at pages recently released under the FOIA, Tesla was indeed working on weather manipulation, starting with his experiments in Colorado produced powerful artificial lightening, in the millions of volts. He also discovered if he beamed radio waves at the exact ELF frequency by which earth's weather is naturally created, he could create various weather phenomenon, i.e., rain, wind storms, hail storms. Later, Tesla discovered that this technology could be adapted to create "resonance machines", out of which came the capability to produce the shaking of buildings and of the earth, and later, real earthquakes. Where was his East Coast research facility, Long Island. Where is Montauk? Again, the answer is Long Island.  Ironically, as the Russian Government found this technology, they gained the ability to create and steer hurricanes.
The last question is would a government actually do this?  Absolutely, if they would not, why would the United Nations ban the use of weather manipulation? Of course, the United Nations banned it from use on enemies during war time applications, so it may be a stretch to see the government use it on its own people, but it is possible.
As the 2012, Doomsday Counter continues to trend downward, this is just another weather system that makes you wonder. This is especially true for North America after a magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck the Western Coast of Canada on Saturday evening. Let us all hope that these events are coincidence and not something more maniacal at work. Let us hope.

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