Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Inheritance (2011)

With all of this political rhetoric overtaking society, I have to say that it will be an interesting period ahead of us as the election draws near. For me, I know who I will vote for, not because of any party affiliation, but because he is the lesser of the evils. Of course, any candidate that announces full UFO Disclosure could definitely swing my vote. OK, back to the review. My selection for the evening as I waited for American Horror Story was The Inheritance from 2011.
Plot/ A reunion turns deadly when the family elders have to make good on an ancient pact.
One thing about movies that always interests me is the potential. This movie definitely had potential, but unfortunately, it was not realized. Sure, there are some good points inside it, as there was some decent acting, an interesting premise, and some very good scenes. However, even with that, nothing was sustained throughout them movie and it became somewhat incoherent amongst the lack of flow and poor scripting.  In the end, there was potential, but it went nowhere and truly lacked scares or atmosphere. I was lucky and watched it for free prior to American Horror Story, I would have been upset had I paid for it. Stay away!

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