Parasomnia (2008)

I was walking through Family Video last night and wanted to find some interesting movies for the weekend. With my creative endeavors somewhat on hold as I decide what to work on next, I can always find clarity inside the dark depths of horror and here in my blog. While walking around, I decided upon the 2008 flick Parasomnia to help take some time away over the weekend.

Plot/ Laura Baxter is a young woman suffering from parasomnia, or a condition which she sleeps her life away. Once she escapes from her hospital prison, she discovers something more sinister on the horizon.

Not knowing much about this flick, I have to admit that it was nothing that I expected when I picked it up. This interesting, and somewhat demented love story has a lot of potential. Sure, it is somewhat cliché in it overall story, the intriguing visuals help bring something different to the screen. Yes, it is a bit incoherent and some of the acting is uneven, but there is strangeness to this flick that makes it work. On top of that, Jeffrey Combs makes an appearance, something that is always fun. In the end, this is far from a cohesive low-budget flick, but it is not terrible; it does have some entertaining moments. Yes, it has some shortcomings, but I have watched a lot worse.


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