Thursday, September 26, 2013


I present a journey deep into the bowels of history, back to a time when man was new and the snake still called the garden home. This vile daemon swept through the night into unsuspecting men’s dreams, tearing a deep gash into their hearts and looking to steal the souls of young children, a price most willing. Who is she, you ask?

The myth of our lovely Lilith was said to derive from “The alphabet of Ben Sira,” a book so filled with out of character notions that many concluded it was a satire of Judaism and Christianity. However, traces of her can be found in many different tales.

According to Hebrew legend, our lovely Lilith was the first wife to Adam, being created by God before Eve, from filth and sediment instead of pure dust, only after Adam grew tired of fornicating with the animals. Adam’s desires were destroyed when his wife refused to come together in the missionary position because being created from the same materials made her Adam’s equal and she did not want to lie beneath him. For this, she was cast from the beauty of Eden, damned for eternity.

Once removed from the garden, Lilith changed into an evil Daemon. (female Demon) Androgynous in appearance, she is reportedly half woman and half reptilian. It has been passed down that this creature drank Abel’s blood after he was slain by his brother Cain, which gave her an insatiable thirst for blood, many say this became the root of modern-day Vampyrism.

The myths continue that Lilith would appear in men’s dreams to copulate, stealing their seed to give birth to her many spawn. Liliths’ daughters, called Succubae, are also said to appear in the dreams of men, where they overtake the man’s heart, ruining him for mortal women everywhere.

Was Lilith a first thought to early feminism or was she an angel fallen from God’s grace?  The answers lurk quietly buried in her dark madness. So gentlemen, I warn you to be careful when you sleep, lovely Lilith may have set her eyes on you. Sleep tight!

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