Fields of the Dead (2014)

After taking a few days off with this being my birthday week, I decided to sit back and find some type of horror flick for my Saturday viewing. Unfortunately, I could not find anything that screamed to me. After some thought, I decided on the 2014 entry Fields of the Dead. 

Plot/ even friends find themselves on an isolated farm. Here, they discover an ancient book, which summons demons from the surrounding woods. Now, these friends will have to find a way out of the fields, if they want to survive. 

I had a feeling this low budget entry was going to have some flaws, and I was right. While there are a few moments that are pretty good with some Ok cinematography, unfortunately, most of it felt pushed.The acting is all over, the story a bit incoherent, and there was very little, if any, atmosphere. In the end, this is just another forgettable horror flick which allows its disjointed storyline drag it down. Sure, there are worse movies out there,  but there is nothing here that cries out for a recommendation. 


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