Monday, August 4, 2014

Neverlake (2013)

After a couple of trips into some medieval realms, I decided to venture into something that had a modern flair. After some internal debate, I settled on what sounded like an interesting supernatural journey, the 2013 flick Neverlake.

Plot/ On a trip home to visit her father, Jenny is thrown into a world of mystery, horror and legend when she is called upon by 3000 year old spirits of the Neverlake to help return their lost artifacts and save the lives of missing children.

This was an interesting flick with a lot to like, especially if you enjoy foreign horror/drama. This one definitely has some of the aspects that will take some viewers back to some of the classics from the 1960s. The atmosphere is amazing, the plot had some tremendous surreal moments, there are some outstanding visuals, and the acting is solid. Yes, there are issues, as the characters are rather flat and uninspired and the storyline dives into some combinations of mysticism and medical horror that often go in conflicting directions that drag the movie in weird directions. In the end, this was an entertaining flick that was much better than I expected. Sure, it will turn some off with its atmospheric and slow pacing, but that is part of the charm. Give it a shot!

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