Saturday, February 14, 2015

Predestination (2014)

After being blown away by Nightcrawler, I figured that it would be hard to find something that I would enjoy even more in the next few weeks. Fortunately, I was wrong about that and found another movie that may be even better: 2014s Predestination.

Plot/ On his final assignment, a time traveling, Temporal Agent must come to terms with life and pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

Sometimes, movies fly under the RADAR and are truly underappreciated. That definitely is the case with Predestination, as it was one of the best Sci-Fi films to come out in some time. This movie was not only smart; it carried a tremendous grittiness that enhanced the overall dark yet moving storyline. The characters were developed, the performances solid (especially Sarah Snook), the cinematography outstanding, and most of the entire story was detailed and thought provoking. Yes, the pacing was done with some odd time signatures that will cause some questions during the initial moments, but those questions should be answered as the movie plays out. In the end, this was an entertaining and strange journey into an interesting world and it is a movie that must be seen. If you have not seen it, find it and watch it!

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