Angels of Darkness (2014)

After spending much of the past few days immersed in American Horror Story: Freakshow, I decided that I needed something different before starting Coven. After some debate with the voices in my head, I decided on the 2014 entry, Angels of Darkness (AKA Styria).

Plot/ When local girls are found dead from apparent suicides, Lara wonders if Carmilla is to blame or is there a darker secret behind the mass hysteria destroying the town.

Sometimes there are movies that eat at me before I watch them, and that was the case with this one. For months, I had debated on whether or not I wanted to rent it at Family Video, after finally pulling the trigger, I am glad that I did. Yes, this is not a perfect film, but there are many interesting elements that made it work. Personally, I love gothic style horror, and this movie creates a dark atmosphere with some amazing cinematography, direction, and solid performances. Unfortunately, some of the characters fall flat and the modern adaptation of the classic novel does not totally translate within the storyline. In the end, this one was a solid entry and a movie that quenched my need for gothic horror after dealing with some exorcism videos over the past few days. While it is not a perfect flick, it is not bad and has enough solid moments to make it interesting.


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