Monster Fest 2019 Finished Now onto Creaturefest 2

This past weekend, we finished up vending at Monster Fest, in Chesapeake, VA. This was the first of three events for us at the Ringmaster's Realm and it was a great time. Not only were there a ton of cool vendors and costumes, there were some of my favorite Horror Hosts on hand. In fact, the Ringmaster's Realm was able to make a few sales to one of them with a couple items that may eventually make it into the show. 

As always in the case, Rob put on a fantastic event and I cannot wait for the details for next year to come out. Hopefully, if you are in the Hampton Roads area, we will be able to see you there. If you are in SW PA, you can still make it out to visit us at one of our two remaining events, Creaturefest 2 on Sunday the 13th in Uniontown and Saturday the 26th at the Too Groovy Toy Show in the West Mifflin area. 


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