Island Zero (2018)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday (if you partake in the holiday). It was definitely quiet here,  allowing for some relaxation. Today was busy cleaning,  something that definitely needed done. While I haven't finished,  I have taken an extended break to catch a movie.  My selection was the 2018 entry Island Zero.

Plot: Inhabitants of a fishing island find themselves cut off from the outside world after the ferry suddenly stops coming. When dead bodies turn up along the water's edge, the survivors must find out who, or what, is killing them.

There are times when I randomly pick a movie that I find something that I didn't expect and that was exactly what happened tonight.  I knew nothing about this one and I found it extremely entertaining. I loved the storyline and felt that the potential here made it worth watching.  The performances were solid,  the idea interesting,  the atmosphere was in tune with the story,  and it was a refreshing Creature Feature.  Unfortunately,  there were some flaws that were apparent and will definitely turn some people off. However,  for me,  these are easily overlooked because of the budgetary constraints that I'm sure existed with this indie film.  Yes,  the effects were lacking and there were some choppy moments that didn't allow the movie the reach its true potential,  but even with those, the quality  was much better that a lot of indie horror. In the end,  this is an underrated film and one that is easily streamed.  If you are looking for a Creature Feature,  give it a shot.  


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