Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Bloody Vampire (El Vampiro Sangriento)

Tonight I sat on my couch and debated, what to watch, what to watch, hmmm, so many choices, NCIS…same story different week, Lost, never watched it so I am LOST! American Idol, I am not really a reality show person! So, I will continue my journey (although somewhat difficult and painful) through Undead: The Vampire Collection. Tonight for my viewing pleasure, the 1962 classic The Bloody Vampire (El Vampiro Sangriento)! Fortunately, this one was actually about vampires and is a good choice for this set.

Plot/ Count Caliostro is a vampire hunter trying to locate and destroy the vampire Count Frankenhausen. It just so happens, that Frankenhausen lives around the corner and has an opening for a maid. Count Cagliostro agrees that daughter Anna should embark on a fact-finding mission as an undercover house cleaner in the lair of the vampire.

Being the first time I have seen this movie, I have to admit that I was very satisfied with it and Count Frankenhausen may become one of my favorite vampires on the big screen. That stare was just outstanding and really took me back to a lot of different early era films and was Lugosi-esque. Yes, there are flaws, but the good firmly outweighs the bad. The creepy atmosphere, interesting storyline and chilling score definitely set it apart from other vampire flicks from the 1960s. In addition, that slow motion, skeleton driven carriage in the beginning complete with fog is a scene for the ages (and I didn’t even get into the crazy bat) At the end of the night, I feel so much better than I did yesterday after Atomic Age Vampire.

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