Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Suffering through microsoft and The Devils Chair

As I was struggling to reload my laptop last night, I had to find something to watch that would at least take my mind off of watching XP service packs 2 and 3 loading and reloading. Let me just say that no matter what I watched, it could never be as painful as updating a laptop bought in 2005. That being said, I was not expecting much when I put on The Devil's Chair(2006), after all, I had never heard of it before finding it in the bargain bin at Walmart, sitting next to the 50 episode The Very Best of One Step Beyond DVD.

I thought, how bad could it be, and picked it up, so I had something to pass the time with (I bought One Step Beyond too- just in case). While this movie isn’t great, it also did not disappoint as much as it could have (especially after hearing in the "Making of" documentary that this film was written in three days and filmed on a whim). The movie is definitely an original idea and has some intense gore scenes as it dives deep into the darkness of madness and pain.

The story is sits in environment of a nightmare and allows the ever-changing plot to take its own course. There are also some decent performances, considering the sporadic script that they were following. While he would never be nominated for an Academy Award, Andrew Howard does a great job at portraying an insane and delusional inmate that lives in a world all his own. In all, the movie does have some flaws. Yes, the disconnected script stops the flow at times and the gore is nowhere near where it could be. But, in the end it, even with the problems, it comes off as an interesting film with a graphic and unexpected ending.

The Devils Chair is not great and will never make the horror hall of fame, but it is one that is certainly worth watching while dealing with the terror of reloading sofetware of a five year-old laptop.

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  1. I have to say, I did not like this film. Not even Matt Berry and his amazing voice could salvage this film for me. I'm glad I had this chance to read a different take on things.


  2. It's hard to imagine a film that Matt Berry's weird baritone could not save. Then again, if Monty Python, Cheech & Chong and Marty Feldman could make a movie that is almost universally-considered to be unfunny, anything is possible!