Friday, September 24, 2010

The Lost Boys (1987)

After watching Blood For Dracula, I was in the mood to continue the vampire theme. After spending some time recently in Santa Cruz, what a better vampire flick to enjoy tonight than The Lost Boys. This 1987 vampire classic will not only take me back, but is tame enough to let the daughters enjoy it as well.

Plot / Financial troubles force a recent divorcee and her teenage sons Mike and Sam to settle down with her father in the California town of Santa Carla. At first, Sam laughs off rumours he hears about vampires who inhabit the small town. But after Mike meets a beautiful girl at the local amusement park, he begins to exhibit the classic signs of vampirism. Fearing for his own safety, Sam recruits two young vampire hunters to save his brother by finding and destroying the head vampire.

Watching this today, it is clear that it remains the quintessential 1980s flick. This vampire classic captured every part of the decade in a way that has created quite the time capsule with some great acting, a tremendous soundtrack, a solid story and most of all a true feel. The gore and special effects are great and it definitely shows what can be done without CGI! For me, this remains one of the most influential films of my formidable years, and one that I can still watch many times over. If you have not seen it, you are missing out!

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