Tuesday, November 2, 2010

House of Fears (2007)

After taking a small break to recover from the weekend that was, I figured it was time to jump into October with something creepy (at least I hope). My selection for the evening is the 2007, House of Fears.

Plot / The night before a local haunted house opens for Halloween, six friends sneak in for a few hours of fun. Soon after entering, they find themselves trapped inside with no way out. Their evening of fun rapidly turns into their worst nightmare as they begin to die and disappear in the most freakish of manners. With every effort to escape blocked, the survivors find themselves being driven deeper into the strange world of terror. Unable to tell what is real and what is counterfeit, they must trust one another, even if it kills them.

When I saw this in my queue, I thought it at least sounded interesting. Going in, I expected the typical modern teen slasher-type and yes, that is pretty much, what I got. However, I will admit that it was better than I expected. The acting was decent, the script was solid and the cinematography and creepy characterization was outstanding (especially the clown and gravedigger). There was definitely some creativity involved in developing the death scenes. The movie was far from perfect though, lacking gore and featuring an uneven soundtrack. In addition, I almost had a strange, are they trying to revisit some of the classic Waxwork, feel throughout. Overall, this was a slightly above average slasher flick with some good moments, and at a quick 88 (or so) minutes, it will not suck the life out of you.

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