Monday, November 15, 2010

The Walking Dead - Episode 3 - Tell It To The Frogs

 As my Steelers sucked last night, I decided to turn that boring game off and enjoy some zombies. So far, the Walking Dead has been a great addition to my television viewing, I just hope that trend continues.

Plot / Rick and the gang drive out of Atlanta and to the survivor’s camp along with Glenn in his noisier than all hell sports car. Rick finally meets up with the rest of the survivors, including his wife and son, as his best friend and former partner Shane, who just happens to have been having a post zombie-apocalypse affair with Rick’s wife Lori. By the end, some survivors were heading back to Atlanta to rescue the despicable Merle Dixon, who they left on a rooftop in the last episode, and grab the bag of weapons that Rick lost in his pre-tank scuffle with the zombie horde in episode one.

This episode spends it time establishing what life is like at the survivors camp, introducing us the to key characters in the series, something that is needed. While there are some touching moments and solid character development, the overall feel of the episode was a bit plodding and dry. While the cinematography and visual effects were sound, the slow pace really detracted from what was started by the first two episodes of the series. I can only hope that things start picking up again in the next show.

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  1. I agree. This episode was good, but not better than the previous 2. I am still waiting for a zombie to kill someone!