Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Walking Dead - Episode 2 - Guts

As I prepare for a new week, I figured it was time to finish my review of The Walking Dead. Today’s entry, Episode 2, Guts, from November 7, 2010.

Plot / Stuck in the tank, help comes to Rick in the form of a voice at the other end of two-way radio. The voice - Glen - has eyes on Rick’s position, and advises him on which direction to make a run for. They meet up and make it into a department store, where a few other survivors (a supply team from the camp outside the city) are holed up. Unable to travel by sewer to escape, the survivors take to another more dangerous method for potential escape.

While not nearly as good as the pilot, episode two Guts, continues to show that The Walking Dead is a brilliantly made show. However, it is far from perfect. The characters to this point have been very stereotypical of the genre and their development has been lacking. Yes, the acting has been solid, but the bouncing storylines and lack of characterization could become problematic. So far, this has been a great example of atmosphere and zombies, but less dialogue and more action would be a welcome sight. Do not get me wrong, I will keep coming back for more because I am a huge zombie fan, but for the passer by, it may take a lot more to keep them interested.

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