Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Walking Dead - Episode 1 - Days Gone By

 Last week, being Halloween, I failed to talk about AMC’s new series The Walking Dead. With the second episode in the books, I figured it was a good time to create a weekly entry for this great series. First off, the pilot, Days Gone By, from October 31, 2010.

Plot / Sheriff Deputy, Rick Grimes, wakes up in the hospital, after being shot, to find his town overrun by flesh-eating zombies. After making friends with survivor Morgan Jones and his son Duane, Rick sets out to find his wife and son.

For a pilot episode, this had everything you could hope for and more. It had blood, guts, violence, gore and of course some of the best zombies that have graced a screen in a long time. More importantly, it featured some great scripting and character development that left you wanting more. This is definitely what horror on television can be. I just hope that the non-horror community does not run it off like other great horror series that die before they begin.

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