Monday, December 6, 2010

Behind the Wall (2008)

While preparing for the Steelers game last night, I decided to unwind a bit by watching something more my speed. With the kids being awake, I had to have something a bit tame and decided on the 2008 haunted lighthouse flick, Behind the Wall.

Plot/ For several generations the Parks family lived on a quiet hillside where Katelyn's grandfather and father were keepers to the town's lighthouse. At the tender age of ten, Katelyn watched her mom enter the basement in their lighthouse home where minutes later she was brutally beaten and found dying on the floor. Her father, Christopher, was arrested and convicted for the killing, and Katelyn placed in foster care out of town. The murder drove Christopher into madness and he was sentenced to a mental institution, where he later died. Katelyn never had a chance to speak to her father since that horrible night. Twenty years later, Katelyn recieves a mysterious letter which brings her back to the lighthouse home she swore she would never return to again. The town wants to open the lighthouse back up but someone from Katelyn's foggy past warns her to stop them! What they don't tell her is why.

This was definitely more of a thriller than horror flick. Yes, there was an unseen force killing everyone in sight, but still that was not a true attempt at horror. Overall, that is truly nothing terrible about this movie. However, it was nothing to write home about either. There was no flow, no real suspense or terror, really nothing that screamed anything. The acting and cinematography was solid, but nothing more. Really, this is just a very bland movie that was a rather lame attempt at a horror or thriller movie. I would definitely not buy it or rent it, there are surely better alternatives.

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