Bay Cove (1987)

 I was searching for something to watch last night while researching items for the curiosity cabinet I am building, I stumbled upon the 1987 made for television film Bay Coven (Bay Cove). As a huge fan of Pamela Sue Martin as I was growing up (Nancy Drew was hot!), I could not pass up this flick.

Plot/ A young newlywed couple move into a remote village in middle America only to find a secret coven of witches who want them to join all the fun; or face the consequences.

I was not expecting much from this, but to my surprise, this is not a terrible film at all. In fact, I found it an interesting conglomeration of occult story ideas from movies of the past. The pacing was slow, but that actually added something to the tension, which builds up until the ending. The cinematography, acting and soundtrack are solid and work rather well, as do the special effects when they are used. All in all, this made for TV entry is a decent little mystery / thriller that is entertaining, and definitely brings back memories of Nancy Drew from my childhood.


  1. I am crazy for those older made-for-tv horror movies and I was thinking of this one the other day and could not remember the name! I enjoyed it. It's going to be part of my collection of made-for-tv ones. Thanks.

  2. Hope to find a DVD on this film. Great review indeed!


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