Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nightmare in Blood (1978)

After watching some Walking Dead, I decided to go back into the 1970s. With a plethora of available titles at hand, I figured I would head toward some vampires (it had been a while). My choice for the evening was 1978s Nightmare in Blood.

Plot/ Attendees at a horror-film convention in San Francisco keep disappearing. It turns out that the guest of honor is a real vampire, and his henchmen are kidnapping the convention guests. A horror writer, a Sherlock Holmes fan and an Israeli Nazi-hunter set out to stop him.

As a horror fan, I felt this movie was made for me. Unfortunately, while this film has a little of everything for fans of horror films, comics, and horror conventions, it turns out to be a bad movie written and directed by horror movie host John Stanley. The acting is decent and the plot is all over the place, plus it has that 1970's feel and it is sort of entertaining. If you like low budget “B” movies, this is a flick that would make you at least chuckle.

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