Friday, December 3, 2010

The Walking Dead - Episode 4 - Vatos

As the days passed, I knew that I had to get caught up on my reviews of the Walking Dead. That was definitely one of the downfalls to this vacation, I missed out on a lot of my regular viewing schedule.

Plot/ While continuing their search for Merle, Rick and the others stumble across another group of survivors that kidnap Glenn and are willing to trade him for Rick's guns. At camp, Jim has been digging a bunch of holes and everyone else wonders why. Their question is answered, that night, when zombies attack.

As this episode progressed, I was becoming more and more impressed because they finally started to add some tension and action vice the character development that overtook the past two episodes. Plus, it was nice to see other groups of survivors, and how they exist within this realm. Like every episode, the cinematography is awesome and there really is a great depression and tension that creates a dismal atmosphere. Even better, the zombies returned with a vengeance and actually did some damage (something I was looking forward to for a while). This is a zombie catastrophe, yet, they seemed almost a sideshow in the first episodes. In an instant, zombies can sneak up and wreak havoc. That alone makes this the best episode since the pilot and a series that is a must see for all fans of the genre.

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