Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ragnarok (2013)

After a night away from the computer as I prepared for Thanksgiving, I decided to jump back into it with something a touch different. Of course, I also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, as I hope everyone is safe and sound. As we move deeper into the holiday season, there is always a feeling of hope that rises, and I think 2014 will bring out those same feelings. Next up for review is the 2013 Norwegian film Ragnarok.

Plot/ The ancient and modern worlds collide when archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen finds the true meaning of the secret runes found in the Oseberg ship.

Every once in a while I venture into films from other countries to see how they bring their stories to life. Yes, I will have to deal with subtitles, but I often find it interesting to see how the dialog develops. That was the case with this one, and I left it satisfied and enlightened. A mixture of many family adventures (Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones), this movie has some solid performances, an interesting story, and some decent effects. Sure, there are some plot holes, and with the subtitles, you have to pay attention, but that was just fine (except for the daughters who lost interest). In the end, this is far from a great movie, but it is an entertaining family action and adventure flick. If you enjoy foreign films and subtitles, give it a shot, it is a solid entry into the genre.

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